Spare parts


The history of the company goes back to the second world war. In that time, they started with a horse & trailer to collect vegetables for cattle feed. Soon afterwards the first tractor was bought and the contractor company “Loonbedrijf Beukeveld” was founded.

Gerard Beukeveld Sr. had 3 sons who worked in the company, which grew from 1 tractor to a respectable quantity at that time. During the years each son developed his own specialization, which diverted the company in 3 separate companies:
1. Contractor for flower bulbs etc.
2. Contracter in the garden & lawn sector for city councils
3. Mechanisation

This diversion happened in the mid 1970’s and the mechanization divisionwas led by Gerard Beukeveld Jr. At that time, he was distributor of the Yugoslavian built IMT tractor and local dealer for Spanish Ebro tractors.

Getting more and more familiar in the Import & Export markets he started dealing with used Ford tractors which were exported to the United States. We still deal with the 1st customer we supplied in the USA.

During the years our network became bigger and the export became global. Nowadays we handle over 2000 units each year going to every continent. In the late 80’s Gerard’s son Edward came into the company, first to handle the repair shop later to assist in the sales as well.

The location of the company changed from Egmond to Limmen and to Heerhugowaard, but nowadays we are located in Wieringerwerf from 1994 where we made a big transition on the terrain. We bought the location from the local Ford dealer and made our piece of art built from the ground.

In total our location covers around 15.000 square meter, where all our products are stored underneath a roof. This way we can provide a high quality of our products.