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Type Stock number Description Photo
WIFO-3 point-linkage palletfork


WIFO-3 point-linkage palletfork, max-load:1.300kg, forklength: 1.10mtr, bj:2000 NL WIFO-3punts palletvork:, max belasting:1.300kg, vorklengte:1.10mtr, bj:2000 Price € 150,= marge 
KOOI-3point linkage lift


KOOI-3point linkage lift, liftcapacity: 2000 kg, adjustable forks, forklength 1.10 mtr, liftheigth: 3mtr NL KOOI-3 punt aanbouw hefmast, hefcapaciteit: 2000kg, verstelbare vorken, opklapbare vorken, vorklengte 1.10 mtr, -lifthoogte: 3mtr Price € 350,=marge 
-- SOLD --


Forkboard to fit in 3 point of tractor  


Forklift to be put in tractors 3 point , 3 meter lift height complete with side shift. 
-- SOLD --
Two box picker


Special built two box picker -three point linkage / tractor mounted -to pick up two boxes or pallets in the field. -capacity : 2500 kg Price € 250,=  
Mailleux frontlift 2017


Mailleux frontlift , fits frontloader brackets to swap frontloader to 3 point frontlift.